Russia's list of US imports that could be banned — Factbox

15 Avril, 2018, 06:25 | Auteur: Lynn Cook
  • Vladimir Putin has not weaned Russia off oil and gas and his autarky policies have failed
Credit Mikhail Svetlov

Moscow followed up on that by supporting separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine, and it didn't budge in the face of several waves of crippling U.S. and European Union sanctions.

National flags of Russia and the U.S. fly at Vnukovo International Airport in Moscow, Russia April 11, 2017.

Russia's ambassador to the United States on Saturday warned that there would be consequences for the US-led military strikes on Syria, adding that it was not acceptable to insult Russia's president.

Trump also called out Russia's promise in 2013 that they would guarantee the elimination of Syria's chemical weapons. Then as a pretext the Americans used the dramatization of the use of toxic substances against civilians in Khan Sheyhun.

Earlier, the office of the Syrian Presidency tweeted a video of Bashar al-Assad going to work Saturday, with the caption "a morning of steadfastness". France, the United Kingdom and the United States will brief allies on actions taken in Syria, the official said.

Ironically, in the run up to Saturday's missile and bomb attack, it was military hardliners in the Trump administration who were taking the lead in trying to calm things down. A U.S. -led coalition has been conducting airstrikes in Syria since September 2014 as part of a largely successful effort to break the militants' grip on both Syria and Iraq.

"Not a single one of the cruise missiles entered the zone of Russian air defense systems", the Defense Ministry said. At least 70 people are reported to have died and more than 500 injured there.

NATO representatives planned a special session to hear from U.S., British and French officials.

The international community has reacted two-sidedly to the attack. As a result, Syria is balkanised among various groups, from religious fanatics to ethnic militias, all fighting to get a strong foothold in their chosen areas.

The main question tossed around in the first few hours seemed to be "Why now?"

Russia filed a draft resolution condemning the missile attack as a violation of international law and the UN Charter, and demanding the US and its allies cease aggression against Syria.

Thus, the FBI move implied that the Mueller investigation was now fully focussing on the Russian subversion aspect.

The strikes were seen as a middle ground between a limited and largely symbolic strike - such as last year's the U.S. missile attack - and a large-scale assault that either could destroy Syria's chemical weapons or could weaken Bashar Assad's grip on power.

"Today is the moment of truth".

Syrian forces fired 40 surface-to-air missiles during the operation, mostly after the attack was over, he said. Or is Russia actually capable?

The "West" can be much unforgiven when they have their eyes set on a "prize".

"This is not about Syria, it's about politics". Britain says Russia is behind the Salisbury poisoning, a charge Moscow denies. To show they can't protect their allies, that Russia is alone.

Nikolai Rybakov of the opposition Yabloko Party called for a more conciliatory approach. Victims of that bombing were brought to us.

Putin responded to Saturday's attack by calling the strikes "an act of aggression against a sovereign state that is at the forefront of the fight against terrorism".

At a Pentagon news conference alongside Mattis, and with British and French military officers beside them to emphasize allied unity, Dunford said the attacks targeted mainly three targets in western Syria. Buoyed by the support from the West, a faction of the population found their confidence and started a "revolt". That cautious response may dent the Russian leader's tough-man image but it won't undermine his gains in Syria or erode his authority at home. He said he learned lessons there that have lasted a lifetime.