Tesla Teases 'Mind-Blowing' Electric Truck

22 Novembre, 2017, 01:18 | Auteur: Aubrey Nash
  • Elon Musk stunned the automotive world last week by unveiling a new Tesla Roadster

You're still smiling if you purchased Tesla's stock a year ago and have held onto it. Nevertheless, for many analysts, the Semi and Roadster come across as pie in the sky when realistically, the Model 3 should be Tesla's bread and butter.

Like his previous electric cars, the Roadster, the Model S, Model X, and Model 3, Musk has rolled out a product that is smarter, cleaner and safer, as well as aspirational. By extra, I totally mean something that I just want to throw my life's savings at: a gorgeous new Tesla Roadster that may prove to be the world's fastest production car yet. On top of that, Tesla is spending around $1 billion a quarter, with the money mainly going towards setting up the Model 3 factory.

Tesla unveiled its electric semi in mid-November, and companies including Walmart, J.B. Hunt, Meijer, and Loblaws have pre-ordered the trucks.

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Musk stated the Roadster 2.0 will launch from a standstill to 60mph (97km/h) in 1.9sec, before pushing past 100mph (160km/h) in 4.2sec. Trucks account for nearly a quarter of transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S., according to government statistics. That is twenty seconds to go from standstill to 100km at full load! And doing that, he has gone to the very heartland of its resistance: the trucking industry.

It does 0-100km  h in 1.9 seconds
It does 0-100km h in 1.9 seconds

There are currently a lot of unhappy customers. But that, of course, would dilute existing shareholders, and Musk, at 20 per cent, is the biggest. Without Tesla's promised fast-charging, even a mid-sized truck would likely require a two-hour stop, cutting into companies' efficiency and profits, says Brian Irwin, managing director of the North American industrial group for the consulting firm Accenture. "500 miles is nothing for a truck". It is designed to look as sleek as a truck can possibly look.

Oh, and it also might fly.

Combining these logistical issues with the threat of an ELD mandate is a regulatory nightmare waiting to happen.

Its windshield is made of impact resistant glass.

"I'm in favor of flying things". Musk revealed during the company's recent Q3 earnings call that the software responsible for manufacturing two of the four Model 3 battery modules needed to be rewritten "from scratch", leading to a delay to volume production. For one, the Roadster's design, as is the case with most EVs which have to be aerodynamically efficient in order to extend range, is as drab and unexciting as a clay model with flat surfaces. And enter it did! It will also hold autopilot that are already there in their cars. Just a question of safety.