No more Kaspersky on government networks, says DHS

16 Septembre, 2017, 01:17 | Auteur: Lynn Cook
  • Kaspersky Software Banned for US Government Use

In a statement, DHS said this decision was prompted by security concerns in Kaspersky's products as well as fears about the company's numerous ties to Russian intelligence agencies.

The government asked the departments to identify any use or presence of Kaspersky products within the next 30 days and discontinue their use in the next 60 days.

A U.S. government decision to stop using security software from Kaspersky Lab is "regrettable", the Kremlin said on Thursday.

In a September 13 statement, the Russian company again denied the accusations, saying there is "no credible evidence" to back up the claims, including the allegations of Russian government ties.

The order applies only to civilian government agencies and not the Pentagon, but USA intelligence leaders said earlier this year that Kaspersky was already generally not allowed on military networks.

"It's disconcerting that a private company can be considered guilty until proven innocent, due to geopolitical issues", it said. Federal officials are concerned the software may be feeding user information to Russian intelligence. After the 90 days period, all traces of Kaspersky antivirus will have to be removed from federal computers.

Russian law dictates that intelligence agencies in the country can compel companies such as Kaspersky Lab to intercept communications on Russian networks and provide assistance as regards intelligence matters.

DHS is providing an opportunity for Kaspersky to submit a written response addressing the Department's concerns or to mitigate those concerns.


The top USA intelligence official also said hackers were increasingly targeting the US defense industry.

Kaspersky Lab has faced allegations of ties with the Russian government for some time.

US action against Kaspersky Lab is created to undermine the competitive position of Russian firms worldwide and amounts to unfair competition, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Thursday.

Worries rippled through the consumer market for antivirus software after the us government banned federal agencies from using Kaspersky Labs software. CEO and cofounder Eugene Kaspersky was educated at a KGB-backed school and previously served at the intelligence organization. "Public contracting reports show that Kaspersky Lab software has been used by the Department of Justice, the Treasury Department, the Department of State and several other agencies".

On Thursday, the Russian government said the United States' decision makes it appear to be an unreliable partner, according to The Associated Press.

The department has expressed concerns about the potential ties of Moscow-based Kaspersky to the Russian government that could exploit the company's products to compromise federal data infrastructure.