Montreal to Toronto in 39 minutes? Route is a finalist for Hyperloop

16 Septembre, 2017, 00:45 | Auteur: Phyllis Powers
  • Hyperloop has picked its first 10 potential routes around the world

Out of 26,000 submissions, officials wit Hyperloop One announced the ten winning plans for the project yesterday, and the 357 mile route between Orlando and Miami is among them.

The result of the global competition that was conducted by the US-based Hyperloop One transport company to determine which routes around the world could work best for their Hyperloop system has been revealed.

Canada's HyperCan team represents the route, and will now compete with teams across the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom and India to prove the Toronto-Montreal corridor is the most commercially viable choice.

The Hyperloop One Global Challenge kicked off in May 2016 with a call for comprehensive proposals to build Hyperloop networks connecting cities and regions around the world. I'd prefer the route that got straight to the point.

Other notable winners include a 532-km (330-mi) connection between Mexico City and Guadalajara, a 640-km (400-mi) connection between the Canadian cities of Toronto and Montreal, and a UK connection between Edinburgh and London, passing through the cities of Birmingham and Manchester along the way.

"We are excited to partner with Hyperloop One in exploring the next step of feasibility of this innovative technology, potentially transforming how Colorado moves", Shailen Bhatt, the executive director of CDOT said in a statement.

Hyperloop One is also entering into a public private partnership with the Colorado Department of Transportation to begin a feasibility study in Colorado. The Hyperloop is not newfangling at all, but, rather the oldest song in the world: the many pay for the few want to do, and few get the credit. Hyperloop One had a successful full-scale test this summer, achieving record test speeds.

The company said, using magnetic levitation, its vehicle reached a speech of 70 mph with 2Gs of acceleration.

The Front Range route would allow travelers to reach their destinations within minutes, the Rocky Mountain Hyperloop team said.

And while hyperloops might still sound like a dreamy transportation idea, the contest winners weren't just submitting to a design exercise.

Another key feature of the proposal is combining the passenger system with a cargo hyperloop to the border city of Laredo, which is home to North America's busiest inland freight port.