Comprehensive immigration reform can wait; Dreamers can't — Our view

08 Septembre, 2017, 00:39 | Auteur: Lynn Cook
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In a news release on Sept. 1, Sen. When the 2014 opinion is ultimately published in a bound volume, it may note that the Fifth Circuit's decision casts doubt on the validity of the opinion.

Given the criminalization of the very term "sanctuary" in the current regime, the legal status of such sanctuary provisions remains unclear.

So, case closed, Obama told a fib? "I think we're going to have great support from both sides of Congress".

Those who speak out in support of DACA often cite the fact that young immigrants are hardworking, exceptional, and contribute to the economy. "That's what they need to do". He accused the president of showing his bias against Mexicans and Latinos. "It's put my life in limbo".

Scores of colleges have tried to assuage students' fears over the past few days. "This is the antithesis to job creation".

Pivoting off Trump's appearances in storm-ravaged Texas, comedians used stories of undocumented first responders as examples of those at risk of deportation. Immigrants and communities with large proportions of Hispanic residents are likely to suffer, but proof that the universe has a sense of humor lies in the potential for this mean, pointless policy reversal to come back to haunt the GOP in a few short years.

"When you are a child of immigrants, the dynamic between child and parent switches", he said.

Sessions said that Trump was rescinding DACA, in part, because it was a legally indefensible executive order. Shortly thereafter, Trump casually admitted that the real reason for the firing was Comey's Russia investigation.

Higher education has been key to the success of generations of immigrants in the United States.

IF YOU could design people in a laboratory to be an adornment to America they would look like the recipients of DACA. Microsoft applies for thousands of H-1B visas each year, for instance, but says it has 39 employees whose immigration status relies on DACA. They are people who have no serious crimes on their records. "But it's hurt more than anything".

If you were going to apply for DACA for the first time this week, expect your application to be returned, Burns said.

DACA was born as a temporary workaround of Congress, which repeatedly had failed to pass comprehensive immigration overhaul. "We are still awaiting that answer".

President Trump sought to reassure people brought to the United States illegally as children Thursday.

In June 2016, the Senate Judiciary Committee posted a letter from the USCIS that actually had more detail. They add that "reform would also strengthen millions of American families".

In a post, Microsoft President Brad Smith said that he knows of at least 27 Microsoft employees who are DACA beneficiaries.

"It definitely is a stressful time right now", Badillo Carlos said. "As attorney general for the state of Washington, I have a hammer - it's the law", Ferguson said. That's out of a universe of 800,000 DACA recipients. In San Antonio, we have high school graduates contributing to the workforce, the community and the country they call home. It's clear that Trump's war on immigrants will continue even if DACA survives.

"To know directly from the CEOs that they're the ones saying they support it and why they feel it's important, that's never happened before - not to the extent that it's happening now", said Elizabeth Vilchis, a dreamer who works at Samsung Electronics Co.'s NEXT startup investment unit. "And I try to tell them not to despair, because many of us are fighting for them". "I have aspirations and goals".

But he was more serious on the subject of Trump's repeated assurances that "dreamers" would be taken care of by his administration. It's not a legal status.

It also displays an incoherent approach to executive power, as can be seen by juxtaposing Trump's apparent plan to end DACA with his administration's SCOTUS brief in the Travel Ban litigation. "This decision reflects only the polarization of our political moment".