Trump blames Obama for Trump Jr.'s troubles

14 Juillet, 2017, 00:07 | Auteur: Lynn Cook
  • President Donald Trump waves as he returns to the White House

That's how Goldstone, who arranged the presence of Trump and the contestants in an Emin Agalarov music video, knew Donald Jr.

Naming the law after Magnitsky goaded Putin and Katsyv alike, as it emphasized apparent corruption in Putin's regime and Katsyv's alleged complicity in the same. "They wanted it so badly". After the May 18 meeting in Rohrabacher's office, the California Republican proposed changing the name on the legislation, calling it "a gratuitous slap at Russia".

A Senate Judiciary Committee hearing will seek to unearth new information about the company behind the dirty dossier that rocked the presidential campaign when the head of a shadowy research firm testifies next week.

William Browder, co-founder of Hermitage Capital, which specializes in Russian markets, said Wednesday on CNBC's "Power Lunch" he has had numerous threats on his life and "nobody should get involved in that country".

Trump went on to insist that "zero happened" as a result of the meeting - Russian hackers published the first batch of emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee just days after it occurred - and accused the press of making "a very big deal over something that really a lot of people would do".

Ms. Veselnitskaya, 42, earned her status as the go-to lawyer for the Moscow regional government. His statement did not dispute the Times report on the email. Their campaign targeted Trump Jr. only because there was a chance his father could become president.

The former largest foreign investor in Russia said the country is now "completely, absolutely uninvestable".

This raises a few questions.

She also engaged in a pro-Russia lobbying campaign and attended an event at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. where Russian supporters showed a movie that challenged the underpinnings of the U.S. human rights law known as the Magnitysky Act, which Russian leader Vladimir Putin has reviled and tried to reverse. Aras Agalarov said recently of Trump in the Russian daily Komsomolskaya Pravda: "It's one thing when he communicates with me.

But it's a different matter for him to communicate with the president of the Russian Federation". She represents Denys Katsyv - the son of Petr Katsyv, the vice-president of state-owned Russian Railways and a former deputy governor of Moscow region - who owns Prevezon Holdings, a real estate firm that had $14-million in assets frozen under the Magnitsky act.

During her whirlwind tour of the U.S., she met with several elected officials and VIPs.

Potomac Square also partnered with Dean's campaign manger Joe Trippi on behalf of the families of radical Islamic terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay.

Many believe Browder's lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, was tortured and killed in a Russian prison after exposing a massive fraud perpetrated by Russian tax officials and their accomplices. Trump Jr. said he "loved" the idea.

Veselnitskaya did help the defense's efforts from late 2015 to early 2016, but whether she was involved in settlement negotiations remains unclear.

The forfeiture case was heralded at the time as "a significant step towards uncovering and unwinding a complex money laundering scheme arising from a notorious foreign fraud", Bharara said.