Win tickets to a Special Preview Screening of Marvel Studio's Doctor Strange

13 Octobre, 2016, 01:18 | Auteur: Sue Barrett
  • Edgy The blonde beauty is playing the Ancient One in the forthcoming Marvel popcorn film and trains the English beefcake's character Stephen Strange in the ways of magic

The Honor 8, launched in the UK in August, is Honor's flagship device, boasting two 12 megapixel rear cameras, was met with a high demand with the Sapphire Blue device proving especially popular. In the clip, star Benedict Cumberbatch, producer Kevin Feige and director Scott Derrickson talk about their approach to making the pic and Imax's role. Let's discuss in the comment section below! He starts off with his image being just the size of a regular movie screen, but he uses his hands to "expand" himself to fill the entire IMAX screen.

This isn't Cumberbatch's first EW cover.

Finally, the Steve Ditko madness we were promised. The only way I can think to describe it is a Matrix movie on steroids.

The Huawei-owned brand will be offering a special version of its Android phone with the "Eye of Agamotto" etched onto the back, but won't be selling the handset sadly. It's also the banner on my Twitter feed. Doctor Strange deals in extra-dimensions, parallel worlds, and multiverses, all constructs of planes beyond normal understanding.

Before we leap into the mystic realms, consider this your spoiler warning! And the result is some of the most uncanny and richly vivid images I've seen in many a year, expanded to fill the IMAX frame. I myself am very excited for the movie. "It's extraordinary", he said. That's a fun tool to be able to access. And that's what stalking is.

Derrickson also shared a little about his own thoughts when it came to how he had formed the villain Kaecilius.

The footage also featured other characters in the film, such as Christine Palmer played by Rachel McAdams. He casts a spell of "Romantic Divination" to confirm that she was into him.

New York City has been the battlegrounds for many epic fights in superhero films, but there's been nothing like the final action set piece in Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange #12 is on sale now. Aside from that, Benedict Cumberbatch has a proven knack for comedy, so his ability to wisecrack would be a welcome addition to the interstellar buddy comedy of Rocket and Groot.

Doctor Strange is released on 24 October.