US Presses China to Show Leadership on N. Korea, Cut Oil Exports

04 Décembre, 2017, 00:33 | Auteur: Lynn Cook
  • US Presses China to Show Leadership on N. Korea, Cut Oil Exports

The company was seeking North Korean suppliers for the limestone and coal raw materials it has so far brought in from China, he said, and measures on oil and natural gas were affecting ordinary citizens.

The U.S. earlier pressed for a full oil embargo on North Korea after it tested its most powerful nuclear bomb to date in September, but dropped that demand in negotiations on a sanctions resolution with China.

Trump has pledged more sanctions in response to the latest test and, at an emergency U.N. Security Council meeting late Wednesday, the United States warned North Korea's leadership would be "utterly destroyed" if war were to break out. Like previous American presidents, Donald Trump believes that the road to a diplomatic solution on North Korea runs through Beijing.

Mr Trump used another tweet on Thursday morning to disparage the North Korean leader and cast doubt on Chinese efforts to restrain its ally.

Dutch autopsy shows dead war criminal took cyanide: A former Croatian general who died after swallowing a liquid at a war crimes hearing in the Netherlands had cyanide in his system, Dutch prosecutors said after an autopsy Friday. The current Chinese government would no doubt see a move by the US to overthrow the North Korean regime as an existential threat to its own strategic interests.

The Russians were also told the North had successfully launched the intercontinental ballistic missile Hwasong-15, and that the country had already achieved its aim of becoming a nuclear weapons state.

Geng told reporters on Wednesday that China "expresses grave concern and opposition to the DPRK's launching activities".

So while Russia may be using closer ties with North Korea to bolster its influence in the region, the best outcome Moscow could hope for is North Korea's denuclearization. China also worries that the deployment of THAAD in Seoul might trigger other countries such as Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines to follow suit.

But if the situation deteriorated to the point of threatening the safety of Chinese students, the Chinese government would terminate the exchange.

Simultaneously, the CSTO states "call to leave behind rhetoric, threats and insults and to find ways to restart the talks", he said.

In late November, Angola Minister for External Affairs Manuel Augusto said the country had sent home over 150 North Koreans that had been working on construction projects. From a sector look, Information Technology, Financials and Consumer Discretionary take the top three spots, with a 38.8%, 13.7% and 12.3% allocation, respectively (as of Nov 28, 2017). Beijing would certainly want to avoid a reunification of two Koreas under the banner of a democratic pro-American Republic of Korea - especially if this meant the presence of around 28,000 US troops next to its borders.

Those previously going abroad all chose to study in South Korea, where the standard of living was similar to that at home, and there is easy internet access.

In sharp contrast, however, comments in China's state media about the latest test and sanctions were more direct, with some even putting the blame for the launch on the United States. It grew 3.6% annually compared with 2.7% in the June quarter and surpassed expectations of a 3% increase. This is the first major central bank in Asia to have hiked rates since 2014. The risk of misjudgment and miscalculation is increasingly real and the result could be an unintended nuclear conflict.