Thor Misses His Hammer In New Ragnarok Clip

14 Octobre, 2017, 01:42 | Auteur: Lynn Cook
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I think if Thor: Ragnarok opens around the same as Thor: The Dark World it could be looked at as a disappointment and potential failure as the movie brings in both the Hulk and even Doctor Strange, in addition to being a very different take on the franchise with its comedic and goofy approach.

Maybe they knew about it and were afraid Ruffalo would Hulk out. Banner will apparently recover from all the recent traumas he's endured and will awaken with a child-like mind.

Who is the strongest Avenger?

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"In this story Banner's been basically inside the Hulk for two years when we find him". Chris Hemsworth's fine comedic chops are once again on display and it also appears that there will plenty of interesting, new characters thrown into the mix courtesy of the planet Sakaar. "We look forward to continuing such initiatives in order to create a wonderful customer experience and build enduring relationships with them". He's talking, fighting in gladiatorial combat, and he's trying to stop an evil dictator from ruling over Sakaar. Thomson went on to mention about the Lady Liberators (members of a fictional superhero team that appeared in Marvel comic books) as an inspiration. The only thing he's missing is the Sakaaran girlfriend.

The trailers released in the lead-up to Ragnarok have included a number of memorable moments but undoubtedly one of the most significant is the destruction of Thor's trusty hammer Mjolnir at the hands of Hela. Granted, Hemsworth doesn't name-drop the axe specifically, but Marvel fans have already gone ahead and drawn up their own conclusions when it comes to Infinity War and Thor's shiny new toy.