Catalonia Leader Says Will Declare Independence In 'Matter of Days'

07 Octobre, 2017, 00:43 | Auteur: Ruben Ruiz
  • Catalonia Leader Says Will Declare Independence In 'Matter of Days'

The strike, called by more than 40 unions and associations in the region under the umbrella organisation Table for Democracy, is due to police forcefully attempting to stop Catalonia's independence referendum on Sunday, which was deemed illegal by the Spanish government.

Spain's interior minister, however, accused the Catalan government of "inciting rebellion" by encouraging the protests as the country's worst political crisis in decades continues to show no sign of resolution.

In a rare and strongly worded address, King Felipe VI of Spain condemned Catalan officials, saying they "tried to break the unity" of the country by holding a referendum on independence.

"I have spent many parts of my life in Catalonia, important moments, and to see society so radicalised surprises and disheartens me", said the winner of the 2017 French and US Open titles.

Pique has played 91 times for his country and was a member of the squad that won the 2010 World Cup and the 2012 European Championship. "Everyone has the right to express themselves", she said.

Hundreds of people were injured.

"What I find harder to understand is this indifference, or absolute lack of interest, in understanding what is happening here", he said.

A referendum on the issue - which had been declared illegal by the Spanish authorities - gained worldwide headlines on Sunday following a violent police crackdown on voters across Catalonia.

According to preliminary results, just 42% of eligible electors (or 2.2 million people) voted, of which 90% voted for independence.

The king's speech is unlikely to persuade Puigdemont.

The Catalan president said the regional parliament plans to declare independence in the next few days.

In quotes obtained from Sky Sports, Bartomeu revealed that the club could face a decision over the league they play in if the autonomous region of Catalonia gain their independence from Spain.

"They have broken the democratic principles of the rule of law".

The secessionist movement is deeply rooted in the region, but tensions came to a head when in 2010, Spain's Constitutional Court struck down some provisions of autonomy.