US, France pledged to work to denuclearize North Korea

14 Août, 2017, 02:53 | Auteur: Lynn Cook
  • US, France pledged to work to denuclearize North Korea

Gordon Humphrey, a longtime critic of Trump, said in a letter, "Donald Trump is seriously sick".

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on Friday called on the US and North Korea to act with reason after both countries issued mutual threats of attack, prompting fears of possible nuclear warfare. US President Donald Trump said that Washington would respond with "fire and fury" to any possible threats.

The letter comes amid widespread criticism of Trump over his response to threats made by North Korea.

They agreed that North Korea must stop its provocative and escalatory behaviour, the White House said. North Korea responded by detailing a plan to fire ballistic missiles toward the USA territory of Guam, home to US military bases.

French President Emmanuel Macron made a plea to de-escalate tensions with North Korea and called on the worldwide community to proceed toward new measures aimed at an irreversible dismantling of the country's nuclear program. "Hopefully Kim Jong Un will find another path!" he tweeted.

"In theory it can show the administration understands that in order to accomplish things it not only needs to adopt maximum pressure, but also have some discussion with the North Korea", Wit said.

"The North Korean regime today is engaged in a risky escalation of tensions, which poses a serious threat to the security of its neighbors as well as the durability of worldwide efforts aimed at denuclearization", the Elysée said in a statement. "His sick mind and reckless conduct could consume the lives of millions".