2 US service members killed in Afghanistan blast — Pentagon

03 Août, 2017, 01:28 | Auteur: Jonathan Ford
  • 2 US service members killed in Afghanistan blast — Pentagon

Jeff Davis confirmed the casualties in the attack near Kandahar city.

When he came to, he saw a military vehicle on fire on the road.

However Mehdi Hadid, a lawmaker from Herat, who went to the site soon after the explosion told The Associated Press that the scene was one of horrific carnage.

"The government cannot even ensure security of worshipers in the mosque". Yet it upends Pentagon practice since the Vietnam era, and gives the public less information and transparency into a war that has raged for 16 years, resulting in thousands of deaths and injuries.

The Taliban quickly took responsibility for the attack, and a spokesman for the insurgents said the bombing allegedly killed 15 soldiers but the Taliban routinely exaggerate their claim and casualty figures.

The deadly incident follows a surge of attacks by the Taliban.

Two U.S. service members were killed Wednesday in southern Afghanistan when their convoy was attacked near Kandahar, the Pentagon said, bringing the total of U.S. troops killed in the country to nine this year - as many as were killed in all of 2016.

The combined U.S. and NATO troop contingent currently in Afghanistan is about 13,500.

Pakistan on Wednesday said eliminating the scourge of terrorism requires cooperation among states as it condemned the terror attack. He stepped out of his shop but a sudden burst of gunfire drove him back inside, he said.

"Afghanistan is a model for peaceful religious coexistence".

The attack came as Afghan authorities in western Herat province tightened security ahead of a mass funeral for the victims there of an attack the previous evening that killed 32, said provincial governor's spokesman Jilani Farhad.

"But I couldn't tell if they were wounded or if they were dead", he said. He then detonated the explosives strapped to his body.

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the mosque bombing. IS said in a statement that the two men, whom it identified as Amir Qassim and Tayeb al-Kharasani, also used automatic rifles in the Shiite mosque before they detonated themselves.

Such attacks have killed at least 44 civilians and injured 88, the UN mission reported.

The Islamic State affiliate in Afghanistan on Monday had warned it would strike Shiites after taking credit for an attack on the Iraq Embassy in the heart of the Afghan capital Kabul.